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Contact Information

David Crockett Elementary

1015 Jameson Street

Weatherford, TX 76086

Phone: 817-598-2811

Fax: 817-598-2813


Social Media

Twitter: @CrockettRoos

Instagram: @CrockettRoos

Facebook: www.facebook.com/crockettroos



Built in 1964, David Crockett Elementary holds more history than any other campus in Weatherford Independent School District.  Crockett Elementary is a Pre-K through 5th Grade, Title I school with a current total enrollment of 545 students, resulting in smaller class sizes and greater opportunities for one-on-one instruction.

David Crockett Elementary is home to faculty and students who truly love learning.  Teachers strive to provide classrooms that are student-centered, passion-focused, and innovative, while incorporating 21st Century skills into each lesson and instilling a sense of digital citizenship in order to prepare students for the future.  Throughout the year, students connect with classrooms around the world through global connections; explore their interests through Makerspace and project-based learning; and have the opportunity to participate in several extracurricular activities, including Fine Arts, Book Clubs, Running Club, and more.

Crockett Elementary is also proud to provide PPCD (Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities), STACI (Structured Teach and Communication Intervention) and PIC (Positive Intervention Classroom) programs for children with special needs, as well as offer services for English as a Second Language learners.  

Our Crockett Elementary family works side by side with parents, partners, and the Weatherford community in order to ensure our students receive a world-class education.  We are proud to be Weatherford Roos!