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Welcome to First Grade!
             What is my child learning in First Grade?

When your child is engaging in Morning Work, he/she is:

*Independently practicing & reviewing fundamental math & literacy skills that spiral throughout the year to gain understanding and mastery of grade level objectives.

When your child is engaged in Calendar Time, he/she is:

*Practicing fundamental math skills such as rote counting, one-to-one correspondence, place value, telling time, counting coins, patterns, number sense, addition & subtraction, and greater/less than concepts.

*Identifying and correctly writing the days of the week, months of the year, and the date.

*Identifying numbers and number patterns and representing numbers in various ways.

When your child is at Math tubs, he/she is:

*Working cooperatively & independently.

*Developing & honing fundamental skills in addition & subtraction, patterning, problem solving, estimating & predicting, graphing, telling time, counting coins, comparing, measuring, numeral recognition, one-to-one. correspondence, sorting, sequencing, and number sense.

When your child is engaged in Writer’s Workshop, he/she is:

*Writing to communicate to an audience.

*Building endurance & stamina.

*Developing and refining grade appropriate writing skills such as basic capitalization, correct punctuation, and spelling.

*Working on the writing process {plan, draft, revise, edit, publish}.

*Improving his/her fine motor skills and handwriting.

When your child visits literacy stations, he/she is:

*Working cooperatively & independently.

*Rotating through various literacy-based activities that provide him/her with opportunities to explore & practice writing, manipulating sounds & spelling patterns, reading, developing vocabulary, retelling & summarizing stories, building fluency & comprehension, and building their reading stamina.

When your child is receiving guided reading instruction, he/she is:

*Learning various reading strategies needed to become a fluent, independent reader.

*Building his/her fluency & comprehension.

*Practicing phonemic & print awareness.

When your child is learning about Science & Social Studies, he/she is:

*Making connections through knowledge, strategies, skills, and vocabulary to other learning areas such as reading, writing, and math concepts.

When your child is at Specials, he/she is:

*Involved in physical activities, participating in music & movement, and developing an awareness & appreciation for the arts.

When your child is using technology, he/she is:

*Working independently & building stamina.

*Learning mouse control, enhancing fine motor skills, practicing basic computer/tablet/iPad functions, learning how to manipulate and operate various computer programs and apps, & enhancing reading, math, and phonemic awareness skills.

*Becoming a digital citizen.

When your child is at recess, he/she is:

*Developing in areas such as oral language, fine & gross motor skills, problem solving skills, spatial reasoning, interpersonal skills, self-confidence, sharing, and taking turns.

*Engaged in imaginative play.

*Participating in physical activity and practicing his/her social skills with peers.


"When you ask me what I’ve done at school today, and I say that "I just played", please don’t misunderstand me. For, you see, I’m learning as I play. I’m learning to enjoy & be successful in my work. I’m preparing for tomorrow."